More than ever, conducting patient satisfaction surveys is critical. In recent years, there has been a significant change in physician-patient relationships. One of its effects is that the outcome of healthcare is measured today in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, the patient’s perception of his or her fault, their sense of general well-being and also their satisfaction with the result achieved.

eAlicia offers a comprehensive service for the improvement of the experience, thanks to the tool of patient satisfaction surveys. Surveys are an ideal means of gathering information that does not appear in laboratory analyses or does not arise during conversations. Since patients may hesitate to comment directly in person, surveys offer them the possibility to do so privately.

Types of health surveys:

1 – Patient satisfaction survey: Ask your patients to tell you about their visit and the quality of their experience with doctors, support team and facilities. You can also anticipate requests from patients by sending them short surveys to assess their needs before each office visit.

2 – NPS Health Survey: One of the most important surveys to know the patient experience is the one that uses the Net Promoter Score system.What is it? The NPS is a system that replaces traditional satisfaction surveys with a survey based on a single question; in case of need, to what extent would you recommend your doctor/ clinic/ mutual/ hospital to your family or friends?

What is NPS in Health?

The NPS is a system that replaces traditional satisfaction surveys with a single question-based survey; if necessary, to what extent would your hospital recommend your family or friends?

Conducting patient satisfaction surveys lets you know from your own voice what you need to improve to give better care. With eAlicia knows the needs of your patients and offers a service that favors their health.

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