Evaluate suppliers, the future of efficient management

In eAlicia we are specialists in evaluating personnel, today we will tell you why you should make performance evaluations to your evaluate suppliers.

We are increasingly familiar with the term 360 degree evaluation to improve our products and services indirectly but very effectively. Human capital is increasingly important and the professional development of workers allows us to offer a better customer experience.

But the question is, why only evaluate my internal staff?

Companies are not only made up of their own employees, they have a number of outsiders who work directly. Some of them, in case you haven’t read the title of the post, are the suppliers.

Evaluating the proposals of a supplier is simple, you have to take into account prices, quality, notoriety, flexibility and location. For our evaluation, we prepare together with you (customers) a series of topics to discuss, eAlicia is a powerful platform that manages together with your consultancy a series of surveys to analyze the different factors and give a result of the correct evaluation.

Indifferent to your own evaluation to select the supplier, you can also evaluate its internal quality once you already have one of them, this is another process that we explain here.

The benefits of evaluating suppliers

Evaluating suppliers has a very positive effect:

  • Reduce costs: With a good evaluation you can reduce the stock of safety, less losses, breaks.. ect and find the most economical option within the offers.
  • On-Time Delivery: Ensures suppliers are prepared for the needs of the nature of our business.
  • CX B2B or B2C: We will offer quality on a permanent basis, so our customers will have a pleasant and good experience of our product and service.
  • Avoid brand deterioration: Thanks to that we will not have failures on the part of suppliers.

In eAlicia we are specialists in this type of evaluations and we can give a totally successful point of view thanks to our quality management platform and our professional consultancy dedicated to these models.

If you are interested in doing one we inform you of everything without commitment: Contact us here

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