Why hire a Mystery Shopper?

You have to detect when a customer is upset with our product or service.

Having information from our consumers helps us to have greater productivity, better management and more control over our business. Mystery Shoppers serve to identify all these points and to have more control over the management in the company. With eAlicia you can measure all the interactions of your Mystery with your product to draw your own conclusions. You should hire a Mystery Shopper to control it.
In eAlicia we work with specialist companies in the sector that provide us with the best candidates. Depending on the service you choose, it will have one methodology or another. Posing the problem, looking for the best solution and acting on the most critical points is what defines a Mystery Shopper service. The main objective is to measure the Customer Experience in the purchasing process from the consumer perspective. Another goal is to follow the policies and processes involved by the company or analyze the marketing of our product.
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Success story insurance company

The project with the insurer is annual, we have 6 months with him. It is a mystery shopper made by 18 shoppers (half of them clients of different insurance companies and the rest of shoppers are not customers of any of them).
The goal was to analyse the behaviour of the competition in different situations. The first month analyzed the management of the situation by the COVID. He wondered how different companies had related to their clients. The goal of May was to analyze the communication with your company/mediator and the level of digitization of it.
In June the different shoppers requested different budgets on products that they had not contracted. The next month, the goal was to see how different companies loyalty their customers or future customers. In the last month we have been looking at two specific products that all insurers offer.
By October the shoppers will have to hire the budgets they requested in June. With all this information, our client has a global view of the insurance market.
Thus, you can adjust prices, or improve services where competition is faltering.
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