eAlicia eLearning
Information is power, share your knowledge

Train your employees and increase productivity

Continuous formation

Minimizes rotation

Personal developement

Distance learning

Train according your needs

Train new employees

Create induction courses for each of your newly arrived employees.

Virtual classroom

Learn where and when you want because eAlicia is a Cloud platform.

Updated content

Perform product tests, analyze the behavior of your users and get a good positioning.

Corrects Inefficiencies

It quickly detects inefficiencies and corrects them with the appropriate training for each of them.


Collect the opinion of your agents or students to improve their knowledge.

Creates simple courses

You have our support whenever you need it to help you make your course.

Improves productivity

You will be able to keep track of each worker and improve knowledge for optimum productivity.

Enrollment students

With eAlicia eLarning you can enroll all your employees who require training.

Advantages of eLearn training

Learn anytime and anywhere

eAlicia is a Cloud platform, students can access courses or training wherever they are. 

Students follow-up

Evaluators will be able to monitor students progress to know where and when to make additional comments. Thanks to simplified workflows, more energy can be invested in giving students constructive and personalized recommendations.

Copy previous courses and training

Save time on topics and duties from one class to another. You can modify them as needed and publish them in other courses or new classes.
The eAlicia eLearning platform is a suite of interactive online services that provides tools and resources (content) to trainers, students and others closely related to education within a company or educational institution.

360º solution