Customer Experience platform
Improve every interaction with your customers

Make your customers followers of your brand

Position your brand

Know your customer

build customer loyalty

Facilitates decisions

The customer as the center of your business

Listen to your customers

With eAlicia CX you have a powerful tool to know what are the opinions of your brand or company.

Hold clients

Find out what patterns you need to be able to have a high impact rate and minimize your customers’ leakage.

NPS improvement

Measure your customers recommendation and predict their behavior based on feedback.

Profitable Channels

Learn how your customer interacts on each of the channels you use and decide what to improve on each of them.

Customize Reports

eAlicia has numerous pre-established reports with which to compare all the real-time data related to your brand.

Instant results

Compare your data with the sector that best suits you and tailor your brand in the minimum time and cost.

Retain your customers

Create loyalty campaigns, low the the abandonment rate, comparing past data and correcting errors.

World view

A world of data at your fingertips. You will have all the information about what are your customers needs anywhere in the world.

World view

eAlicia uses images as graphics to visually convey the meaning of a large volume of data. In general, creating dashboards, graphs, and dashboards is an excellent tool for understanding data, recognizing repeating patterns, new trends, and communicating that information to the entire organization.

Real time data

Starting to digitally transform your business means moving it from a process-defined world to a data-based one. Thanks to eAlicia the graphics provided with the naked eye on our Worlwide chart allow you to reduce operating times, automate the work of your collaborators and convert the process into software. Instead of viewing customer service as a set of processes initiated by the customer or your company, it is the data that the first provides that forces you to think of a strategy to achieve an excellent experience.

Use content for marketing and sales experiences. eAlicia CX is a platform that seeks to deliver the correct information to the right customers at the right time so they can get information, find answers to questions and make purchases.

360º solutions