Quality Evaluations
Get the information you need for decision making.

Customer loyalty. Control the quality of your services

Customer service



Delivery person

Make decisions faster based on the latest data.

Best customer service

Strengthen day by day the attention offered by your Call Center thanks to eAlicia metrics.

Homogeneity of services

Evaluate employee satisfaction, react and find solutions in time by improving productivity with a smile.

Incrases productivity

Perform product tests, analyze the behavior of your users and get a good positioning in front of the competition

Validate your product

Implement all security and anonymity controls for your surveys.

Define your brand image

Thanks to the brand recognition reports you can know the positioning of your brand in your sector.

Easily analyzes processes

Improve your processes, detect inefficiencies and is faster than others by adapting to the tastes of consumers.

Monitor your suppliers

Homogenize how you want your suppliers to represent you and improve your presence.

Brand penetration

Learn first-hand what your brand’s customers know and how they position it.

eAlice measurements

Effectiveness:: Measure the achievement agree of the objectives. An activity is effective if the results it intended to achieve.

Efficiency: :Measure the use of resources needed to achieve a goal. An activity is efficient if it minimizes the use of resources, or produces better results.

Objective Achievements

Objective evaluation requires measurement. Thanks to the eAlicia meters by which questions are assigned to measure a specific service will give us all the information related to it, either with the answers or with listening to recordings. You may find interesting aspects such as the level of use made by the worker of the agreed efficiency levels, the functioning of the marked standards, etc

With eAlicia Quality you can make a diagnosis of the service process. You can identify the root causes of the problems encountered and provide the service institution with some strategies that contribute to the elimination of those problems.

360º solutions