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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. "

Benjamin Franklin

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. "
Benjamin Franklin

The eAlicia platform includes within one of its 4 modules, the eLearning module called eAlicia University. This module includes infinite solutions to monitor students through specific individual training or even groups of students.

eAlicia University is a University designed to provide service or knowledge to everything and everyone. Each student has a user to carry out the specific training included and once completed, they will be able to give Feedback. The monitoring will be assigned by a Tutor.

There are already many Foundations and Universities that trust us, thanks to the fact that eAlicia is a CLOUD platform, each user can connect wherever and whenever they want, being able to access their specific training module.



Improving performance rates will be an easy task because courses can be created from scratch and in any format we want. From PowerPoint to HTML. Everything is possible with eAlicia University.

The monitoring of students can be viewed thanks to the evaluation reports, where student and tutor can interact in parallel. These reports will give us information on the evolution and with the passage of time we will improve those aspects that require special attention.

eAlicia Research & Education

The eAlicia platform collaborates with universities, research teams and social entities to provide a rigorous, efficient and automated way to collect and analyze data.

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