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Check the most widely used indexs on the market


Net Promote Score (NPS)


Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)


Customer Effort Score (CES)


Net satisfaction index (NSI)

Create all kinds of custom surveys

Customer satisfaction

Understand how you are impacting and how satisfied your customers are perceiving.

Work environment

Evaluate employee satisfaction, react and find solutions in time by improving productivity with a smile.

Market study

Perform product tests, analyze the behavior of your users and get a good positioning in front of the competition

Guaranteed quality

Implement all security and anonymity controls for your surveys.

Post event

Colllect feedbacks from attendees and organisers, to futher improve and create unique experiences.

Branding position

Identify who your best customers, your occasional shoppers and understand how it affects your competitor.

Market reseach

Know the liking, interests and preferences of the segment to study, so you can give optimal solutions in a short time.

Predicts results

Anticipate knowing how it will affect the satisfaction of your customers, the decisions you make are simple or complex.


Custom surveys

With the eAlicia editor, you will have multiple customization options: 
Let fly your imagination, we will help you how to do it.

All kinds of questions

Ask all kinds of questions: open, closed or dependent. You will also have the possibility to give them more or less weight over others. With eAlicia Surveys, anything is possible.

Receive the data anywhere

Being a Cloud platform, you can have the results anywhere in the world and just with one click away. Launching a campaign it will only depend on your needs.

Types of reports

You can choose which report best suits your needs. We have several predefined reports for you.

With eAlicia you can plan your next campaigns, create a quick poll and get results instantly from anywhere in the world at a single click.

360º solution