Racc interview

eAlicia helps us in tracking the Platforms teams we support. Through eAlicia we can evaluate the internal quality and have a global and individualized view of the people who are part of the teams, see if the development of their work is favorable or if there are aspects to improve. It also helps us in the return of the training carried out being able to detect difficulties in the practical situations that happen in the day to day. Therefore, eAlicia is a tool that helps us in the growth of operators, we can detect the strengths and the points of improvement and the actions to be carried out for its continuous improvement. In addition, eAlicia has a technical support team that always helps us with a quick response.

eAlicia we use it for the evaluation of the calls attended by the teams through the channel calls. Through the survey channel, we have created the Learning Tests that serve to solve operational situations such as those encountered by managers in the care of consultations and provision of services and in this way know the difficulties they may have.

We use eAlicia as it is a tool that helps us to evaluate internal quality objectively and to obtain results quickly and effectively. It makes it easier for us to collect data, prepare reports and also helps us to share the results obtained in an agile way.

eAlicia has helped us to ensure that the different platforms of both Operations and the Commercial Area have the same criteria to evaluate by their TL s, in this way we have achieved homogeneity in the Telephone Attention for all areas.

Yes, of course we would recommend it. It has helped us when it comes to homogenizing team monitoring.


Luckia interview

Since we have used eAlicia, it has mainly helped us to keep track of the evolution of each of our agents in terms of quality in their contacts. Thanks to the reports provided by the programme, we can clearly explain to the actors where improvements are being made and which sections need to be improved month by month.

We mainly use it for quality audits of the components of the Customer Service department and the Issuing department. But sometimes our CRM team uses it to conduct customer surveys.

We have been using eAlicia for several years because it is a very practical program to be able to evaluate the quality of agents and especially for the very detailed reports it offers on the evolution of the quality of the department.

With eAlicia we have mainly improved the clarity of the data, mainly those we obtain for the Customer Service department. The program offers many interesting options that have been applied to several departments of Luckia, options that have internally improved the way we work in those departments we use eAlicia. But it has also made us improve on something as important as the user experience thanks to the surveys we have conducted.

Without a doubt, since it is a very useful program for daily work and the company that manages it is very close to solving any doubts.


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